Christchurch Road, Barton-On-Sea, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6QF
01425 618 521

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Watch out - there’s new Badger about! - at the The House Martin, Pub Restaurant,

Watch out - there’s new Badger about!

Watch out, there’s new Badger about!

Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s with pleasure and excitement that we can, today, introduce to you to the new stars of our bar.

Fursty Ferret 4.1% – Until now, this delicious and popular beer, has only been available in a bottle or as a seasonal cask. Now this magical amber ale is a permanent fixture on our bar. A session beer to Ferret out.

Tanglefoot 5.1% - The Godfather…... malty and delicious, if you can only have one pint, it’s a pint of Tanglefoot.

So next time you’re passing …… don’t. Pop in for a pint.

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